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Date Coaching

Date Coaching

Do you need dating and relationship help? Consider a personal, confidential phone session with Michelle Valentine. She will personally listen to your issue(s) and provide you with valuable insight. Sessions are a half hour (30 minutes). Evening and weekend sessions available. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email to schedule your personal phone session with Ms. Valentine.

Here are what happy clients say:

“I realized at this point that my values are changing and there are things that have to be eliminated from my life now that I have the stamina to hold steady during this change. Your advice might just bring some of the answers I am searching for. Thanks, Michelle, for the advice.”



“You did an excellent job of condensing the problem and got right to the core of the problem.”



“Genuinely cares about singles and their relationships.”



“Michelle made me feel like there was hope for me.”



Consider a personal phone session with Michelle Valentine today, to change your life for the better tomorrow!

Fee:  $29 per half hour (30 minute) session

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