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On-Demand Dating Advice

On-Demand Dating Advice

Need dating guidance from someone more qualified than your friends - but less costly than a therapist?

Need advice NOW?

... Did you receive a text message from a date (or an ex) and don't know how - of if - you should respond?

... Got a date coming up, and need quick advice about where to go, what to wear, what to talk about?

... Got a question about your online dating profile, or about a certain response?

Want a straight-to-the-point answer about any of your dating or relationship questions?

Then call Michelle Valentine, B.A. Psycholgy, RIGHT NOW, ON-DEMAND!

$2.95 per minute

Dial the number below (or click the CALL button), and talk to Michelle Valentine right now!

Call:  1-800-ASK-KEEN  ext# 03952882

Or schedule an appointment (click the box below):

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