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Online Dating Safety Tips
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Safety tips when you're dating online.

Regardless of how long you've been searching online, here are some practical safety tips when using online dating:

Keep your identity confidential online

Don't post your phone number, your home address, nor the place where you work within your online dating profile.

Keep an eye out in the background of your photos

If you want to show off your snazzy sports car, be sure that the photo does not show you license plate tag number. And speaking about numbers, if you're standing in front of your beautiful home, be sure your address is not in view.

Where to meet on a first date

Always meet in a public location on a first date... whether it's someone you met online, or someone new you met in church. Choose a romantic restaurant, an upscale lounge, a cute coffee shop, or at the shopping mall. Do not have them pick you up or meet you at your home or theirs.

Keep the alcohol in check

If you're meeting for a cocktail, it's best to take control of your alcohol intake. Better yet, order a refreshing iced tea or cup of hot coffee.

Happy dating!

If you have any dating safety tips or suggestions, please share your knowledge to help other singles. 

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William54321 February 01 2018
Thank you... Very informative.

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